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Aqua & Dolphinpark

Aquapark Dedeman in Antalya is the oldest and the most famous water park in Turkey. It was opened in 1993. In 1998, water-entertainment complex has been expanded and modernized. Aquapark belongs to the Recreation Center Dedeman and represents an unique complex of swimming pools, imitative lakes of various depths, with islands and without, through some of the lakes to bridge, located at 35000 sq.m. Aquapark Dedeman is ideal for family holidays: and children and adults will find entertainments for the soul, and will spend all day pleasantly and fun. Aquapark – is entertainment for the whole day and lunch is needed. It is necessary to note the fact that our Aquapark is a member of the World Aqua Parks Association (WWA). Accordingly, the complex is constructed and meets all international standards.

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