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Where is native land of Santa Claus? In Finland? In Norway? It seems that these countries are competing among themselves for the right to be called the native land of Santa Claus. And it is absolutely vainly! Because Santa Claus – a historical personality. Under New Year’s character is hiding a real person, which was living in the IV century AD in the ancient city Mira and serving as a bishop in the church of the city. Subsequently that church has become the museum and now respected by both religions: Christians and Muslims. Saint Nicholas was considered the patron saint of sailors and poor people. In the absence of waves on the sea can be seen in the water the ruins of the sunken city. With the yacht, overlooking the ancient Simena with medieval citadel on the hill and well-known symbol of the city, standing in the waters of the bay, Lycian sarcophagus. Swimming in the transparent waters, you can accidentally touch the Lycian sarcophagus, which, like a magical vision, occurs on the surface of the sea.

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