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Helicopter Services

With the goals of safety, security, quality, speed and comfort, Helicopter has one-engine, four-bladed world proven BELL helicopter. Helicopter is equipped with the latest high technology, FADEC,A/C and Leather seats to fly executives and distinguished clients from any lift-off point to the roof-top helipads, heliports and airports.

The capacity to fly to the range of 600 kms without refueling, VFR flight rules, with the proffesional flight crew in support of well-trained technical people. There are those who want to perform as well as persevere.

There are some who want to outmaneuver as well as outclass. The brings superior attributes together to make a phenomenal aircraft. The sports car-like handling with exceptional hot and high hover capability and unparalleled rotor control authority combined with a fuselage and large composite panels ensures ruggedness and ease of maintenance. It’s one more way to fly smart.

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