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Pamukkale Tour

As saying in Turkey: «Who hadn’t been in Pamukkale, he hadn’t been in Turkey». To the north from the city Denizli the road leads to the natural reserve Pamukkale. Pamukkale – is an amazing place in Turkey, where there are once in the same place two «miracles of the world» – the ruins of the ancient city Hierapolis and the unique thermal springs. The name «Pamukkale» means in Turkish «Cotton Castle», which remarkably complies with the local unusual and truly exotic natural landscape. Thousands of admiring tourists every year come to admire the scenery, named the «lunar». Healing properties of Pamukkale waters were already known to the inhabitants of ancient Hierapolis. The treatment in Pamukkale is effected by the taking of thermal and mud baths or drinking mineral water, in combination with other methods of treatment. Water in Pamukkale, enriched with calcium, has a wonderful healing and anti-aging properties.

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