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Rafting Tour

An exciting journey, full of unforgettable impressions, which couldn’t be more accurately fits the expression – «Better to see once, than hear a hundred times!» How often in your life was granted and will grant ever more such case? Place of the beginning of the excursion is located out of Antalya. Köprülü Canyon is one of the unique places for rafting. First of all, before the start a professional instructor will give you the necessary equipment and will explain all details of its exploitation. Then he will tell about safety norms, rules of behavior on the water and the technical methods of raft control. After that even the smallest guests (beginning from 4 years old) can participate in the «conquest» of water elements together with their parents without any fear. Rafting on the different rafts (with capacity from 2 to 10 seats), full of excitement and fun lasts 5 hours. In the middle of the route you will stay for the halt and for lunch outdoors, and then you will continue the journey with renewed energy. The beauty of surrounding nature will not leave indifferent any members of the expedition and your photo collection will replenish incomparable shots.

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